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I think my husband would rather it be over than actually have to work at fixing things. I think he has no respect for me, I think he isn’t even sure if he loves me or not. And as a result of that, he’s lost all of my trust, and I have a hard time respecting him either. We tried that exercise where we say something about the other person that we really admire, a trait we love, at my prompting of course. He said he admired my determination, which was probably due to how long it took me to coerce him into even entertaining the conversation. Then it was my turn adn I was shocked to discover I couldn’t think of anything. I had to laugh and change the subject because I could not honestly think of one single character trait he had that I admired and respected. Still can’t. The only thing about him that I envied was his emotionlessness and ability to be completely closed off. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and look pretty stupid a lot, whereas he is as cool as a cucumber all the time. But it’s this trait of his that is killing the marriage. I have no idea if he loves me because he doesn’t show emotion. I have no idea if he’s cheating on me because eh doesn’t feel guilt and so won’t ever confess to more than what I catch him on, which so far is just phone calls and allegedly an innocent night together (so obviously he’s not happy wiht me either despite whatever he says when asked pointblank.) I can’t even fight with him, I just fight at him and he sits there and waits for it to be over. I could walk away, and he wouldn’t feel a thiing. That hurts, and that knowledge eats away at me and fills me with so much resentment. So no, I don’t admire that. We’re in a sad place….all this great stuff, in a good financial place, 3 great kids, a great house, everything we want….and I think we both hate each other. It’s like we have everything we both ever wanted…………..wiht the wrong damn person.
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