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Are you aware that you were driving 61 miles an hour in a 45 mile zone?" in what sounded like a Southern drawl.
"No I wasn't" replied the boyf.
"Did you see the speed limit and just decide that you would ignore it?" he asked with a goonish smile.
"No. I'm sorry I didn't realise. I'm not from here."
"I see your from the UK. When are you going back?"
"Have you been stopped at any other point during this trip?"
The boyf and I didn't look at each other at this point thankfully as I would have laughed. "I..er...got stopped last week for driving the wrong way up a one way street...It was the GPS's fault.." He just can't let go of his fight with the GPS!
"Can I see your passport?"
At this stage it was all I could do not to scream at him to piss off with his penis wagging trip. He was clearly trying to make us squirm.
"OK...so you're going back tomorrow.." At this point we could tell that he had realised that it was a waste of time but he was figuring out how to make us sweat. "So you're going back tomorrow...tomorrow...So you're going back tomorrow...Hmmm...OK. Wait here"
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