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I am grateful for knowing when an interesting date is still a bad date.
The guy I went out with last night was interesting. That is, I was never bored on our date. Yet, it was somewhat miserable. Everything I said, he questioned. Then he told me I was being defensive and I needed to let things go. When I laughed, he said, why do you think that’s funny? I said, do you realize what you’re saying to me? He said, I am just trying to help. Well, how I feel is, who asked him? I also said, look, as much as I may want to and as much as I may need to and as much as I may try to, I’m not going to change. At least not much. So, if we can’t manage to get along now, maybe this isn’t going to work out. In the past, I think I might have kept trying with this guy. He was attractive, he was interesting. I liked him, even though I didn’t enjoy myself. (I feel awfully perverse writing this.) But, when he was driving me home, I realized that the only time I’d laughed the whole evening was at the absurdity of the situation. As KJ said, there’s a lot of things I don’t screen on (religion, politics, age), but shouldn’t I screen on humor? (A shared sense of, that is.) And this guy did not make me happy, did not make me laugh, and he did not inspire me to tell funny stories. He made me defensive, frustrated and annoyed. Thus, it was and will be our first and only date.
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