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What does a good black man look for in a good black woman

ترکیب دیدها نمایش مسطح نمایش درختی
What does a good black man look for in a good black woman?

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Thanks, Ellen. The man was qualifying himself to be her boyfriend by talking so much. You can see more about this subject
 once went on a date where that's ALL he did was talk, but he had NO interst in what I was saying. It didn't last long after that date. 

Oh! And in asnwer to your question, "What signals do you give out thinking a man "gets it" but he doesn't?" … I actually have the reverse. I've lost count of how many dates I've been on that I didn't know were dates until he went to kiss me or a friend (and one time his friend's mother) told me a day or two later. Of course, that was in my 20s and most guys who were asking were friends first. I just couldn't tell the difference when they asked me out to a movie or something from how a female friend would do the same thing.
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