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Neither Adam- In the environment you've been in, the fact that being gay is even registering as a possibility to you probably means you're gay. Not definitely, but probably. And yeah, as hoot mentioned, Miss Info didn't really answer your question about having intimacy issues with women because I think she understood that that wasn't really what you were asking, was it? You have read this from several commenters already and may well hear it from many people in real life too, but the more, the better, so I'm just adding my voice to the mix- If you're gay, it's ok. There are many great gay Christians out there. I even know one who went to a small, private Christian college like you. He is a kind, smart, loving person (and still a Christian) currently in a kind, smart, loving relationship with a great guy. If you truly believe that God created Adam and Eve, fine. But that doesn't mean God didn't want any variation after that! After all, God also didn't create Steve and Jill or chipotle burritos in the garden of eden, but that doesn't mean they weren't intended to happen. Homosexualiy is all over the place in the animal kingdom, and from limited studies, in about the same proportion as is estimated for the human population. And I don't think lesbian sheep are making a sinful choice- they're sheep. Most Christians have something in the Bible that they don't agree with (I mean, the Bible often doesn't agree with itself) even if they wouldn't admit that they do- that stuff in Leviticus about having round haircuts and not wearing mixed fibers comes to mind- and they're still Christians. I think you're probably going to try to pretend to yourself for awhile that you never wrote this letter, never had these thoughts, etc. But the fact that you did, I think (I hope) means that you can do this (whatever "this" is) and be happier. And sorry to be so long winded, but this issue is close to my heart and I'm hoping that something I've said will strike a chord.
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