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[font="trebuchet ms"]I'm at the petrol station with the boyf, contemplating whether to get out my Nintendo DS Lite whilst he is filling up. I decide against it and sing along to the radio, and I'm interrupted by the boyf opening the car door and announcing [font="trebuchet ms"]"That mans a murderer!"[font="trebuchet ms"], nodding towards the 'murderer' before closing the door and leaving in the car shitting a brick. I watched the boyf sauntering into the petrol station without a care in the world and stole a glance at the black cab driver (the taxi was black, not the driver) and wondered how the boyf knew about this guy. Immediately my imagination went into overdrive and I imagined that he'd read about him in one of the tabloids and I pondered what he'd be done for. Clearly it didn't occur to me to wonder how he became a licensed cab driver...
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